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What is Inout Devices? - What is Input Devices in Computer?

What is Inout Devices? - What is Input Devices in Computer?
      An Input Device is any machine that feed data into a computer.

1. Keyboard

    The computer keyboard is the basic device through which you input information into the system. Though many other forms many of inputting devices have come out in the market today, there is nothing equivalent the keyboard.

Using the keyboard is easy because most of them have the QWERTY typewriter setup. In addition to the typing keys, the keyboard also has a numeric keypad through which you can
input numbers. It has control keys like Home, Page Up, Page Down, Insert, Delete, End, Control (CTRL), Alternate (ALT), and Escape (ESC) that let you carry out these simple tasks with just one click.

2. Mouse

A mouse is a handheld pointing device for computers, involving a small object fitted with one or more buttons and shaped to sit naturally under the hand. The underside of the mouse houses a device that detects the mouse's motio…
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Computer Memory -- Ram Memory & Rom Memory

Computer Memory -- Ram Memory & Rom Memory In this article we have discuses about Computer Memory with Ram Memory & Rom Memory that How many types of Computer Memory?. About Primary Memory and Secondary Memory.


     There are primarily two types of computer memory. One is main or primary or internal memory
and the other is secondary or auxiliary memory. Internal memory is the memory used by the
computer's processor to run its applications, programs and operating system. This interna
memory is often referred to as RAM, which stands for Random Access Memory.
The other form of memory is the auxiliary memory which is where the computer will store
information that is user generated. 
1. Primary Memory

Primary memory is the memory that communicates directly with the CPU. Primary memory is
made up of silicon chips. Primary memory has following two types:

(a) RAM

    It stands for Random Access Memory. This memory is accessed randomly, that is any byte of
memory can …

What is CPU?- Central processing unit

What is CPU?- Central processing unit

The part of the computer that executes program instructions is known as the processor or
Central Processing Unit (CPU). The speed of a CPU chip is measured in Giga Hertz (GHz) or
billions of cycles per second. The speed of the computer depends on the speed of the processor
The faster the speed of the CPU chip, the faster the computer can operate. It consists of two parts - Arithmetic - Logic Unit (ALU) and Control Unit (CU).

1. Arithmetic - Logic Unit (ALU)
ALU performs two types of operations - arithmetic and logical. Arithmetic operations include addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Logical operations consist of comparing one data item to another to determine if the first data item is greater than, equal to or less than the other. ALU is responsible for decision making.
2. Control Unit (CU)
The control unit tells the rest of the computer system how to carry out a program's instruction It directs the movement of electronic signals …

Whatsapp Status 1 Creative Ideas Using only The app

Whatsapp Status 1 Creative Ideas Using only The app

Whatsapp status there are a couple cool you can do to keep your stories a little extra dilemma I have 5 creative ideas that I want show you guys that you can use in whatsapp status using just yaah okay also read until the end of the article to design some free whatsapp status backgrounds for you guys to use so let's get into it.

How to create Whatsapp Status on your Android Phone There are two ways to create Whatsapp status updates.
Okay so before we get into the actual designing I wanted to go over a couple of things with in whatsapp status it work almost identically to Instagram stories where you post about different thinks throughout your day and it deletes after 24 hours so if you click on these three dots next to your WhatsApp status you will actually see all the whatsapp statuses you have created throughout the day and how many views they have got if you click on the dots next to each whatsapp status you can ch…

What is Computer Hardware? | Computer Part And Hardware Review

What is Computer Hardware? | Computer Part And Hardware Review

* Components Of a Computer -Computer are made up two parts: the Computer Hardware and the Software. The physical equipment required to create, use,manipulate and store electronic data is referred to as hardware. The computerized instructions that operate a computer manipulate the data and execute particular functions or task is referred to as software.
What is Computer Hardware? | Computer Part And Hardware Review

       All computer required the following hardware component:

How to Use SBI net banking ? How to Check SBI All Transactions

SBI net banking | How to Use SBI net banking | How to Check SBI All TransactionsSBI net banking – How to Open SBI Net Banking ? If you have SBI bank account and you want to open net banking then here I am going to tell you that how to open SBI net banking .

SBI net banking is a most popular and secure way to check bank balance and other statement. You know there is lot’s of way without netbanking  to check bank balance, make any transactions and pay bill, recharge but you can’t see any statement or any transaction id and bank summary. But SBI net banking is provide all system which you need to do.

Here you will get simple process to open SBI ne banking-
So, Follow this process to open SBI net banking ----
1.Go to SBI Online Official website(sbionline .com)
2.Next there you will see two options Personal Banking and Corporate Banking, you need to click on Personal Banking. And if you new user then you just click on ( Register New user).
3.After you will see there a new page like a Form, and …

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Review | Note 10 | Galaxy Note 10 Specifications

Samsung galaxy note 10 Review | Galaxy note 10 Specifications

Samsung galaxy note 10 has been the phone for people looking to get the most out of a phone.
Today we are taking Note further. Say hi to Galaxy Note 10 and 10+.Stainless steel and glass meld seamlessly to minimize bezel.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 All specifications-
1.S pen-
There is a S pen system“ S pen turn writing to text”, lets you share thoughts instantly and with Bluetooth system. You can convert handwriting into text and becomes your remote control.       Inside Note 10, S pen continuously charges, and with a 6-axis Gyro Sensor, offers touch free gesture control.

2. Camera-- Pro-grade camera-
There is groundbreaking multi-camera system, has not just brought movie technology to mobile it’s made it ridiculously simple to use.      For the first time, live Focus brings special effect to video. And there is DepthVision camera means you can adjust the blur and your videos will look just as amazing as your photos. And to make…